July 2020
Case Study: American AgCredit
When one of TEP’s clients tasked us with providing an energy efficient HVAC system for their new head-quarters that also provided flexibility to adapt to office remodels, we looked beyond traditional systems.  The solution was a system that would provide each occupant with workspace airflow control,  allow relocation of air outlets by local staff, deliver...
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Stealth Engineering is not Rocket Science
Stealth Engineering for building systems means limiting the visibility of the mechanical systems.  The art of accomplishing stealth starts with understanding the dynamic uses of the space and using appropriate force to accomplish the mechanical objectives.  Also of key importance is understanding the architect’s and owner’s focused desires while satisfying the overall goals.
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Cogeneration at Wineries
Cogeneration is becoming more popular at Napa County and Sonoma County Wineries to provide an alternate power supply during Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).  The PSPS’s unfortunately coincide with Harvest in the wine country and threaten essential wine process functions.  Loss of power during fermentation and other key Harvest operations could result in significant damage...
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