Floor-Mounted Fume Hood

TEP’s experience includes all types of cannabis related facilities, from seed to sale, including tissue culture laboratories, indoor cultivation, drying, storage, manufacturing, volatile (hydrocarbon) and non-volatile (ethanol and CO2) solvent extraction, solventless extraction, testing laboratories, retail and onsite combustion consumption.

Cultivation and extraction projects are mechanical intensive and finding a mechanical engineer experienced with cannabis is few and far. TEP has the mechanical engineering knowledge and cannabis intimacy. We understand the biology and environmental controls that promote healthy plant growth. In addition we understand the methods of extraction and post-processing refinement used for manufacturing. These projects are not only heavily regulated on the state licensing side, but also by building code requirements. We have a thorough understanding of the mechanical and fire code requirements for these types of projects such as gas detection and monitoring, ventilation and allowable materials.

We also specialize in cannabis odor mitigation control system design strategies and can create odor mitigation letter’s (stamped by a professional engineer) for building department approval. We have a vast knowledge in this subject and understand the differences between subjective odors and terpene emissions. We are aware of all of the types of odor mitigation systems currently available from activated carbon molecular filtration to chemical odor masking products and neutralizers.

Some of our previous Clients include:

  • Solful – Retail Dispensary.
  • Green Qi (Riot) – Retail Dispensary.
  • Royal Key Organics – Cultivation.
  • Pasta Farm – Drying Facility; Cold Storage, Packaging & Distribution Facility.
  • RAE ZeroGrow – Space pressurization control and monitoring; CO2 gas detection and monitor with emergency ventilation for cultivation; Drying rooms.
  • Advanced Analytical Labs – Testing laboratory.
  • Flow Kana – Hydrocarbon and CO2 extraction, winterization, refinement and storage.
  • MPlant – CO2 extraction, winterization, refinement and storage.
  • The Resourcery (PhytoMagic) – Ethanol extraction and storage.
  • 365 Recreational – Retail.
  • NorCal Cannabis Company – Retail with onsite combustion consumption.
  • C1D1 Labs LLC – Modular extraction booths.
  • Pacific Dutch Group – Odor mitigation systems for processing buildings.
  • Glass House Farms – Odor mitigation systems for processing building.
  • Atrium Cultivation – Cultivation.
  • Expanding Roots – Cultivation.
  • Poetry of Plants at Industrial Drive – Cultivation.
  • Aim High – Cultivation.